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Aaron Cohn

Hey I'm Aaron 👋 These days, I'm focused on creating a better future of work, no-code, and designing experiences worth talking about [both IRL + digital].

I lead Community at a future-of-work startup called A.Team, creating a home on the internet for the most talented independent software builders on earth. We've raised $60M to date (NYT, Forbes) from Tiger, Insight, Adam Grant, Michael Ovitz, Jay-Z, and the CFO of SpaceX.  

Outside of work, here's what else keeps me busy: 
  • I rent a ski mountain every year for 160 friends []
  • Volunteer as the no-code lead for US Digital Response
  • Dabbling in new products as a Partner at Quiet Ventures, a small NYC-based startup studio
  • EIR at the National University of Singapore
  • Adjunct Professor at Binghamton University
  • Running Founders Friday NYC
  • Thursday Night Softball
  • Enthusiastic supporter of dinner parties, Mets games, Citi Bike, Broadway rush tickets, good government, friend matchmaking, independent ski areas, history museums, last-minute trips, clever dodgeball strategy, and walking tours.